All articles submitted for publication are subject to mandatory review by the editorial board of the journal. In order to review the articles submitted for publication the Chief – editor engages leading scientists in the relevant field of scientific knowledge. Reviewers can be members of the editorial board of the journal, as well as highly qualified external experts and practitioners. The authors supervisor cannot be involved in the review. Review of scientific articles is carried out DOUBLE-BLIND review (DOUBLE-BLIND review) both the author and the reviewer remain confidential. Manuscripts of articles for review are provided to reviewers without specifying the name of the author, his position and place of work. Reviews are provided to the author of the manuscript without a signature and indicating the name, position, and place of work of the reviewer. The review contains the following issues: correspondence of the content of the article with the topic stated in its title; compliance of the article with modern achievements of scientific
and theoretical thought; availability of articles to readers for which it is designed, from the point of view of language, style and arrangement of the material, clarity of tables, diagrams, figures and formulas; expediency of publishing the article, taking into account the previously published literature on this issue; specific positive aspects, as well as shortcomings of the article; corrections and additions recommended to the author for inclusion in the article. The reviewer has the right to make recommendations to the author and the editorial board to improve the manuscript. The reviewers comments and suggestions should be objective and principled, aimed at improving the scientific and methodological level of the manuscript. After reviewing, the editorial Board decides on publication of the article, which may include: recommend to accept the manuscript for publication; to recommend to accept the manuscript for publication after the removal of the reviewers comments; to recommend for refusing to publish articles because of its
non-compliance with the requirements of the scientific level of the journal (in this case, the article not recommended reviewer for publication, to be reconsidered). The editorial board of the journal does not keep manuscripts that are not accepted for publication. Manuscripts accepted for publication are not returned. Manuscripts that have received a negative result from the reviewer are not published and are also not returned to the author. The original reviews are kept in the editorial office of the journal for one year from the date of their signing by the reviewer. The presence of a positive review is not a sufficient reason for the publication of the article. The final decision on the expediency and timing of publication after reviewing is made by the сhief editor and if necessary by the editorial board of the journal.