In their professional activities, the reviewers of the journal are guided by the following:

1) Standard for the reviewers contribution to editorial decisions. The expert evaluation of the manuscript provided by the reviewer contributes to the adoption of editorial decisions, as well as helps the author to improve the manuscript. The decision to accept the manuscript for publication, return it to the author for revision or reject it from publication is made by the editorial board on the basis of the results of the review.
2) Standard of review deadlines. The reviewer must submit the review within the time limits specified by the editorial board. If the review of the manuscript and the preparation of the review are not possible within these terms, the reviewer must notify the editorial board.
3) The standard of confidentiality on the part of the review. The manuscript of the article submitted for review should be considered as a confidential document, regardless of the form of review chosen by the journal. The reviewer has the right to show it or discuss it with other persons only with the permission of the Chief editor.
4) The standard of objectivity of the review. The reviewer undertakes to conduct an expert assessment of the manuscript objectively. Personal criticism of the author by the reviewer is unacceptable. All conclusions of the reviewer should be strictly reasoned and provided with references to authoritative sources.
5) Standard for confirming sources. Reviewers should indicate, if available, works that influenced the results of the study, but were not cited by the author. The reviewer is obliged to draw the attention of the editorial board to the significant similarity or coincidence between the considered manuscript and the previously published other work, which is known to the reviewer.
6) Conflict of interest disclosure standard. The reviewer may not use the materials of an unpublished manuscript in his own research without the written consent of the author. The reviewer is obliged to refuse to review the manuscript, in connection with which he has a conflict of interest due to competitive, joint or other relations with the author or an organization related to the manuscript.