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The procedure for reviewing articles submitted to the journal

"Herald of Almaty State Institute of Advanced Education"

1. All scientific articles submitted to the editorial board of the journal "Herald of Almaty State Institute of Advanced Education" are subject to compulsory review.

2. The editorial board of the journal establishes the correspondence of the article to the profile of the journal, the requirements for registration, and directs it to the first consideration of the responsible secretary of the journal, which determines the scientific value of the manuscript and appoints two reviewers-specialists having the scientific specializations closest to the topic.

3. The review period is 2 weeks. Depending on the situation and at the request of the reviewer, it can be extended.

4. In order to obtain the most complete and objective review of the article, the reviewer shall fill out a special form where he should estimate the level of reflection in the article of the following questions:

The work is original
2. The research reaches a new level, based on previous studies
3. The work is relevant
4. The objectives and objectives of the work are set out clearly, clearly
5. The method of research corresponds to the tasks
6. Materials and methods are described in sufficient detail
7. The presented results correspond to the objectives of the study
8. The results are obtained by adequate methods
9. The results are presented clearly (including tables, figures, etc.)
10. The results have significant scientific significance
11. The estimation of the received data and possible errors is given.
12. The statistical analysis is carried out adequately
13. There is a comparison of own data with literature data
14. Conclusions are based on the data obtained and clearly formulated
15. There are references to all relevant publications on the topic of the work
16. The work is of considerable practical importance
17. The abstract adequately reflects the main points of the work
18. The work performed meets ethical standards
19. The article is written competently, in good lang
Based on the ratings, the reviewer makes his conclusion about the future of the article: the article is recommended for publication:
(a) in the present form; b) taking into account correction of the deficiencies noted by the reviewer; c) on the transfer of the article for additional review to another specialist; d) decline the publication.

5. The review is conducted confidentially. The author of the article under review is given the opportunity to review the text of the review.

If the review contains recommendations for correcting and finalizing the article, the editorial staff of the journal sends the author the text of the review with a proposal to take them into account when preparing a new version of the article, or to argue them (partially or completely) with arguments. The article refined by the author is sent again for review.

7. If the author and the reviewer have unresolved contradictions regarding the article, the editorial board is entitled to send the article to another reviewer. In disputable situations, the decision is made by the editor in chief.

8. An article not recommended by the reviewer for publication is not accepted for reconsideration. A negative review message is sent to the author by e-mail.

9. After the editorial board accepts the decision to admit the article to the publication, the editorial staff informs the author about it and specifies the terms of publication.