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Articles in research journal of “AGIUV Herald” (published by KazMUCE) assume that this work has not been published earlier (apart from paragraph in the form of extract or as part of published lecture or academic thesis or as an electronic pre-print) and is not reviewed for publication in other editions, its publication has been approved by all authors or responsible authorities where work has been performed and if it is accepted, it will not be published in another place in the same format, in English or other languages, including in electronic format without written consent of copyright holder. In particular, translation in English language for articles that have already been published in other languages shall not be accepted.

No other forms of breach of research ethics are allowed, for example, plagiarism, falsification, falsified data, incorrect interpretation of other works, incorrect references etc.

“AGIUV Herald” journal (published by KazMUCE) of the Republic of Kazakhstan follows Editorial Ethics Committee Code and structural schemes of EECC in order to reveal suspected breaches ( In order to ensure authenticity your article will be checked in terms of original or unique content percent

The authors shall participate in review process and must be ready to provide corrections, clarifications, justifications if required. All authors must support research and review.

Reviewers need to provide objective judgement and specify corresponding published articles that have not been cited. Analysed articles must be confidential. Reviewers shall be selected so that there is no conflict of interests with regard to research, authors and/or sponsors of research.

Editors shall take responsibility and have authorities to reject or accept work and they will accept articles only when they are confident. They will keep confidentiality of reviewers and assist publication of corrections, clarifications and judgements if required. Acceptance of articles shall assume transfer of rights to “AGIUV Herald” journal (published by KazMUCE). 

Editor’s office of “AGIUV Herald” journal (published by KazMUCE) of the Republic of Kazakhstan will track and protect editorial ethics.