Қазақша | Русский | English             Последнее обновление: 12/08/16г.                ISSN (print) 1995-5871, ISSN (online) 2415-7414

Scientific-practical medical jourmal “AGIUV Herald”  (hereinafter referred to as Journal) is a periodic research edition of Kazakh Medical University of Continuous Education JSC (hereinafter referred to as University). ISSN 1995-5871(print), ISSN 2415-7414(online)

Journal has a state registration:

state registration certificate No 7373-Ж dated 18th July 2006, issued by the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan, index in Catalogue of Kazpost JSC 74610; valid in the Republic of Kazakhstan; CIS; electronic versions of journals are in Unified Electronic Library of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Electronic Research Library of Russian Index of Research Citing, KyberLeninka website, electronic library system website of Lan editor’s office (St Petersburg).

Journal has no-zero impact factor in the Russian Index of Research Citing.

Language of journal: Kazakh, Russian, English

Journal release periods: once a quarter, that is, 4 (four) times a year

Topics of journal include the following main directions:

•         healthcare

•         medical education aspects

•         therapy

•         pediatry

•         infectious diseases

•         injuries

•         anaesthesia

•         surgery

•         oncology

•         dermatology

•         gynaecology

•         pharmacology

•         publication of practicing doctors.


Topics in the magazine are regularly added and amended based on Strategic Plan of the University, University Development Concepts, Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy Implementation Plan and strategic vision of implementation by editor’s office.


Medical research magazine Bulletin of Almaty State Institute of Doctor Training shall submit documents for inclusion into the List of research editions recommended for publication of main results of medicine thesis.